Interface AuditEventListener

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSessionTracker, AuditEventConsoleSender, AuditEventQueue, AuditLogFileWriter, BufferedAuditEventWriter, CookieSessionTracker, HeuristicSessionTracker, NetworkClientWorkerThread, NetworkEventServer

public interface AuditEventListener

This interface defines the methods all AuditEvent persistence-classes have to implement. Also this interface needs to be implemented by the classes that are thought to register to an event dispatcher and are then notified on arrival of new events.

Christian Bockermann <>

Method Summary
 void eventArrived(AuditEvent evt)
          This method is called when a new event arrives at the listener.

Method Detail


void eventArrived(AuditEvent evt)
This method is called when a new event arrives at the listener. The Listener should be threaded and response-time to this method should be as small as possible. After the dispatcher calls this method each listener gets a call to notiy(), thus a listener might wait for packets to arrive.

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