Package org.jwall.web.audit.session

Interface Summary
HttpProtocol This interface defines the constants that are part of the HTTP protocol.
SessionContext This interface defines an abstract session context that is associated with a session-identifier and provides features like setting variables and removing or expiring variables of session scope.
SessionTracker This interface defines the basic function of a session tracker.

Class Summary
AbstractSessionTracker This class is an abstract implementation of a simple session tracker and provides the basis for the tracker HeuristicSessionTracker and CookieSessionTracker.
CookieSessionTracker This tracker creates a session-context wrt to a specific session-cookie.
HeuristicSessionTracker This heuristic session-tracker implements the session-algorithm used by most popular web-statistic tools, e.g.
Session This class implements a data store of some key-value-pairs, all associated with a unique session-id.