AuditViewer - Changes

This page is intended to give an overview of the most significant changes within AuditViewer releases.

Changes in 0.3.4pre1

  • Bug reporter, catches exceptions and allows you to file a bug report, if you like.
  • Column Mapper, abstracted interface for creating the event-table, allows for adding columns, but UI dialogs for customization missing, yet.
  • Tree View, the most prominent change is the new tree view, allowing for events to be sorted into a hierarchical manner.

Changes in 0.3.3c

  • Update of web-audit library to 0.2.15, fixing some more parser bugs
  • Preparation for customized table columns (internally, will be part of the next release)

Changes in 0.3.3

  • Incorporation of the web-audit library 0.2.13, fixing some parser bugs
  • Restructuring of internal architecture for easier i18n support
  • This release internally uses the XStream library which makes it a little bigger (777k)

Changes in 0.3.2

  • Includes injection with HTTPS (in testing phase - comments/suggestions welcome!)
  • Parsing of audit events without a final response header