Chapter 2. Quickstart

Table of Contents

Running jwall-rbld
Testing & Blocking an Address

This section gives a bried quickstart guide for the jwall-rbld. More detailed information will be given in the subsequent sections.

Running jwall-rbld

The jwall-rbld server is provided as a self-contained Java archive. For a quickstart of the jwall-rbld simply download and start this archive:

# wget
# java -jar jwall-rbld.jar

This will start the daemon accepting queries on UDP port 15353. To be able to interact with the daemon, you need to enable the admin-port at startup as well, by issuing

# java -Drbl.admin.port=15354 -jar jwall-rbld-0.1.jar

Now you can open a second terminal and telnet to your jwall-rbld which will provide you with a prompt and accept further commands. Please note, that at the current stage, only connections from the local system ( are accepted.